USGS EROS | How To Search and Download Satellite Imagery

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This tutorial covers selecting and
downloading imagery using LandsatLook.

LandsatLook is a quick and easy tool
for viewing and downloading the USGS

collection of Landsat images. The
viewer is available at

Tools for finding your images are in
the gray navigation menu in the

upper left corner. These control the
interface menus that pop up in the

upper right corner. The home button
resets the viewer to default extent.

If you have location settings turned on,
zoom into your current location by using

the crosshair button.
Toggle map labels on or off.

Next, set your search parameters.
The Load Images menu is visible by default.

Here, you can change the date, maximum
cloud cover, and select sensors.

Pan and zoom to your area of interest
or use the magnifying glass to find an

address or place. If you are not at a
scale of 1:1M, click “Zoom in…” to make

the Show Images button appear.
Click the button to populate the imagery.

The Modify Images menu will then appear.
The time slider bar lets you be more

specific with dates. The date of the
active image is shown above the slider.

Use the play button to step through
imagery automatically or record your

current results as a video.
You can further refine your search by

selecting the “Active Date Only”
or “Mosaic” dial.

You can enhance the image using the
options in the Image Enhancements area.

The image transparency slider adjusts
the transparency of the Landsat image layer.

The Export Display function lets you
save an image of what’s displayed on

the screen. You can choose the image
format and spatial reference.

The Print menu allows you to create a
title for your map and generate a PDF

of your current view, including the
scale and labels.The Show Metadata

tab at the bottom of the screen expands
a table view of all results from the query.

This includes metadata and links to
download the Full Product or

LandsatLook Product. This file also
contains geographic referencing information.

Select a scene to utilize the Show
Footprint and the Zoom To options.

Use the links in the table to download
the Full Product or the

LandsatLook Product.
The Full Product link will take you

to EarthExplorer, where you can add the
scene to a WMS order or bulk download.

You can also use the grey disk icon with
the green download arrow to download

the product directly from this screen.
This will prompt you to log onto the

EarthExplorer to download. Log in,
or create a free account,

which is covered in another tutorial.