USGS Status Update of Kīlauea Volcano - June 3, 2018

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USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory status of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii on June 3, 2018. On camera: Jessica Ball, USGS Volcanologist


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Length: 00:01:24

Location Taken: Kīlauea Volcano, HI, US


This is the morning HVO Kilauea update for June 3.

Fountaining at Fissure 8 continues and is feeding a  lava flow that has wrapped around the Kapoho Crater to the North and has entered the Vacationland neighborhood. Lava entered Green Lake at 10AM, forming a large steam plume, and by 1:30PM lava had filled the lake and boiled off all the water.

At 7 AM, the flow front had entered Kapoho Beach Lots and was about 500 yards from the ocean. We estimate that the flow front is moving roughly 250 feet per hour, but be advised that this could become faster or slower at any time. There is now no access to Vacationland, Kapoho, or Highways 132 and 137.

There was a weakly active flow from Fissure 16 but it has not advanced far beyond the vent.

At the summit, earthquake activity was low and ash emissions from the Halema'uma'u crater were weak. However, gas emissions remain high and we expect small explosive events to continue.