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What’s Happening with National Hydrography – USGS at AWRA Geospatial Water Technology Conference May 2022

Video Transcript
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Detailed Description

Our material is taken from the "USGS National Hydrography Datasets – What’s Happening Now?" session previously held at the recent American Water Resources Association (AWRA) Geospatial Water Technology Conference earlier in May. We will cover: 

  • What’s Happening with the NHDPlus High Resolution - originally presented by Karen Adkins, USGS 
  • What’s Happening with Elevation-Derived Hydrography Pilot Projects – Drew Decker, USGS 

 As always, we will have (1) USGS Hydro Program updates, (2) announcements from the group, (3) and details on upcoming calls 


  • 00:00 – Start 
  • 01:46 – Introduction to USGS at 2022 AWRA Geospatial Water Technology Conference 
  • 04:14 – What's Happening with National Hydrography Dataset Plus High Resolution presentation begins 
  • 24:21 - What's Happening with Elevation-Derived Hydrography Pilot Projects presentation begins 
  • 44:26 - Announcements 
  • 46:11 - Conclusion 






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