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YVO Update of Activity at Yellowstone and Plans for Summer Fieldwork

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It's May, the snow is melting and the roads are mostly open, so it's time for geologists, geophysicist and geochemists to head into Yellowstone to start projects they have been planning for the last several months. Next week, a field team will deploy a temporary GPS network to help “densify” the network of continuous GPS stations already in place. The temporary GPS stations are low profile, low power, aren't radio connected, and will need to be picked up later this year before the snow starts to fall. Each station has a solar panel and a battery pack that powers the instrumentation, and a GPS antenna that sits quite close to the ground. Listen, as Mike Poland, the scientist-in-charge of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory talks about future field plans and recent activity at Yellowstone, in the YVO monthly update for May 1, 2021.




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