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May 12, 2022

National Digital Trails (NDT) Project Highlights

  • The USGS has released major enhancements to TRAILS planning support tool including the ability to incorporate user-defined custom layers to the analysis, ability to highlight potential switchback areas, inclusion of railroads in the analysis, improved project sharing, and use of the most current USGS trails data. Sign-up for workshops to learn more. 

  • The USGS reviewed and updated the USGS nationwide trails dataset with the most current National Recreation Trail (NRT) designation information. You can learn more about NRTs and how to become a Trail Ambassador by visiting American Trails.  

  • New trails! Trails were updated or added from the following states: the New Hampshire Geographically Referenced Analysis and Information Transfer System (5,882), the California Coastal Commission (1,506),  Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (218), Kentucky State Parks (372) and Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (968), bringing the nationwide digital trails dataset now up to 277,254 miles! 

  • The USGS Trail Data Portal web application streamlines trail data submission and aggregation. Internal testing has begun, and we will begin external user testing and feedback soon. If you are a trail data manager and are interested in helping us test the new system, we’d love to hear from you – email  

  • Call to Action! If you have used the TRAILS planning support tool to explore trail options in your area of interest, let us know. We’d love to hear user-stories on how the planning tool impacted your project and what future improvements would best support your organization. Contact us at  If you haven’t used the trail planning support tool yet, we’d be happy to add you to an upcoming workshop or schedule a workshop specifically tailored for your group.

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