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Status of the Nationwide Digital Trails Dataset

The Board on Geographic Names has updated almost 650 derogatory names deemed “offensive ethnic slurs” based on the Secretary of the Interior’s Order 3404. In addition to geographic feature updates, the USGS has been working to ensure trail and other names have been updated as well.

Over the last several months it has been a priority for the USGS to update or remove derogatory names from our products. We identified existing derogatory trail names and contacted trail data providers. So far, trail data from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the California Department of Parks and Recreation has been updated and the new names will be reflected in the USGS nationwide dataset soon. We will be incorporating updates from federal agencies and other states as soon as they become available. Specific information about name updates can be found here: Interior Department Completes Removal of “Sq___” from Federal Use | U.S. Department of the Interior ( 

In the upcoming year we will begin the trail data refresh process for all federal trails and for state trail datasets older than three years. 

NOTE: To view what is currently included in the USGS trail dataset, see USGS Trails Explorer. If you manage an authoritative public domain trail dataset that you think should be included in the nationwide dataset, please contact  

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