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Astrogeology Invites the Community to Visit!

October 9, 2019

As part of Flagstaff’s popular Festival of Science events, the USGS Flagstaff Science Campus recently hosted a Campus-Wide Open House. The Astrogeology Science Center (ASC), Southwest Biological Science Center, and Arizona Water Science Center all provided a variety of activities for the approximately 225 happy visitors who attended.

Dr Amber Gullikson Teaches a Visitor about Various Rocks
Dr Amber Gullikson Teaches a Visitor about Various Rocks at the Astrogeology Science Center Open House held on September 29, 2019.  (Credit: Patricia A Garcia, Astrogeology Science Center.)

The Astrogeology Science Center provided building tours and many science talks. ASC was pleased to once again demonstrate the “Magic Planet” - a spherical projection system that can help science enthusiasts of all ages to visualize many of the global planetary data sets produced at the ASC and elsewhere. Fascinated visitors watched the Magic Planet “change” from Earth, to Mercury, to Mars, and beyond. Open House attendees also enjoyed having the opportunity to “see” themselves through the eye of an infrared camera – learning about how the camera’s detector senses the infrared energy emitted by their warm hands and faces! Many visitors also learned about different kinds of rocks, saw planetary images in 3D, learned about mapping techniques, and took home souvenir maps, images, and fact sheets!