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Creating Actionable Science Products by Involving End Users at All Stages

Using co-production methods to increase the usefulness of scientific results, products, and tools for a better user experience.

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In a article, NCASC Program and Management Analyst Holly Chandler proposes a way to ensure that federal scientists are producing results and products that are usable and useful for decision-makers, policymakers, community leaders and others. In it, she challenges the practicality of considering the user experience of project products until the very end of a project. Instead, she shares examples and resources that demonstrate that final outputs and products from science projects that provide relevant and timely information, often stem from researchers who incorporate end users (such as natural resource management decision-makers) at earlier stages in the science process.

By approaching research questions through a “co-production of knowledge” lens, scientists strive to ensure that science results and products meet the information needs of decision-makers, answer real-world questions in a timely manner, and can be effectively used in decision making and policy. This engagement also helps to ensure that the appropriate products (reports, datasets, digital tools, etc.) are developed and that the science users understand how to appropriately use the information.

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