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August 25, 2016

Calvin Meyer, of the USGS National Geospatial Technical Operations Center, receives Interior Department‘s Customer Service Award

Established in 2015, the Federal Customer Service Awards Program was created to recognize customer service excellence throughout their agency. The award is presented to an employee who has direct engagement with the agency's customers and demonstrates a direct beneficial impact to those customers as a result of their work and assistance.

USGS employee, Calvin Meyer, was a 2016 award recipient.  He was honored for providing outstanding communication and customer service in support of the USGS National Geospatial Program (NGP) and The National Map user community.  Meyer handles an average of 76 technical requests per month, helping over 900 customers annually.  He draws on his extensive knowledge of NGP procedures and products, and has researched or consulted with other experts to provide accurate, dependable, and thorough answers to users’ questions.  Meyer’s correspondence is clear, timely, highly professional and he is an ideal model for outstanding communication between the USGS and its customers.

Award recipients also demonstrate a strong commitment to public service, are well regarded in terms of their general integrity, and display values appropriate as a role model. In general, those recognized have demonstrated an understanding of customer needs and taken action to address those needs that go above and beyond existing practices. This could be a single "heroic" act, or the result of a sustained commitment to innovation and providing excellent customer service.

Meyer was presented the award by Interior Secretary Sally Jewell.  Following the ceremony, he and other attendees enjoyed an all-American meal of hot dogs as they watched the July 4th fireworks in the Nation’s capital from the vantage point of the rooftop of the Department of the Interior. After the ceremony, Secretary Jewell told Meyer and his wife that she uses The National Map every day and fully supports that activity within the USGS and the DOI.

Calvin Meyer, standing with Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, displays his award at the 2nd annual U.S. Department of Interior Cu
Calvin Meyer, standing with Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, displays his award at the 2nd annual U.S. Department of Interior Customer Service Awards ceremony held at the south penthouse of the main Department of Interior building.

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