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Flagstaff Science Campus Holiday Lunch Celebration

December 20, 2019

Staff at the USGS Flagstaff Science Campus shared fun, good food, and ugly sweater and best dessert contests on 12/18 at the Holiday Luncheon.

While we all work for USGS on the same campus, we seldom have the opportunity to get together except for a few occasions that many of us look forward to every year. A holiday potluck has been one great way to do a little campus team building, to meet new people, or see others we haven’t had time to see because of our busy work schedules.

We owe this fun lunchtime event occasion to organizers Casey Jones (Arizona Water Science Center), Todd Wojtowicz (Southwest Biological Science Center), and Annette Sunda (Astrogeology Science Center) as well as for all who shared a dish or beverage.

There were six scrumptious desserts in the contest. The Tres Leches cake, also called the Three Milk cake, won the most votes.

The winning dessert
The winning dessert: Nick Voichick's Tres Leches cake. Photo Credit:Paige Latendresse 

The Ugly sweater contest, where people wear the most hideous sweater they can find, buy, or make, drew a few contestants. More contestants are expected to join in the fun next year!

Ugly Sweater Contestants
Ugly Sweater Contestants: Left to Right. Paige Latendresse, Camile Diab, Amy Zink, Annette Sunda, and the winner (drumroll) Casey Jones, wearing the antler horns.

As the year 2019 draws to a close, all the best for a merry season and a Happy New Year!



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