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GLSC Presents at International Association of Great Lakes Research Annual Conference

June 1, 2021

International Association of Great Lakes Research held a virtual conference this year.

GLSC Headquarters
Main Entrance to the Great Lakes Science Center's Headquarters building in Ann Arbor, MI.

Scientists from across GLSC delivered presentations at the annual conference of the International Association of Great Lakes Research, held virtually May 17-21, 2021. Presentations included the following. 

  • Reproducible quality control of multi-input, participant-reported Phragmites management data. Christine Dumoulin, Samantha Tank, Taaja R. Tucker, Theresa Gruninger, Katherine Ferran, Clinton T. Moore, Kurt P. Kowalski 
  • The Phragmites Adaptive Management Framework: Programmatic quality control of participatory data. Taaja R. Tucker, Samantha Tank, Patrick Canniff, Christine Dumoulin, Charles T. Bargeron, Erika Jensen, Clinton T. Moore, Kurt P. Kowalski 
  • Assessing Cladophora growth in Lakes Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario. M.B. Nevers, M, A. Evans, M. Lewan, K. Przybyla-Kelly, D. Shively, Emily Wimmer.  
  • Multiple studies on eDNA detection of invasive round goby in Lakes Michigan and Huron. K. Przybyla-Kelly, M. Nevers, M. Byappanahalli, D.A. Shively, A.M. Spoljaric, C.C. Morris.  
  • Synthetic microfiber loads in green algae, Cladophora, in Lake Erie and Lake Michigan. E. Kostelnik, J. Peller, M. Byappanahalli, M. Nevers, C. Nelson, B.G. Babu, M. Evans, M. Keller, J. Johnston, S. Shidler.  

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