Hazard a Guess? The riskiest science quiz you will ever take!

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Over the last 30 years in the United States, how many people have died—on average—per year from floods?

  1.   8
  2.   82
  3.   332

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Image: Flood Level
Flooding along a neighborhood street. Photo Credit: Don Becker, USGS


The correct answer is about 82 people. Over the last 30 years in the United States, floods have killed an average of 82 people each year and caused $8 billion in damages annually. For more than 100 years, the USGS has played a critical role in reducing flood losses by operating a nationwide streamgage network that monitors the water level and flow of the Nation’s rivers and streams. The USGS works with many partners and provides data for flood forecasts, watches, and warnings, and to enable communities to assess the risks they face from future floods. You can sign up to receive alerts and notifications too.

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