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Qualitative assessments of rangeland health using observable indicators help managers make informed land management decisions and communicate findings with the public. 

The protocol outlined in this report, in association with quantitative monitoring and inventory information, can be used to assess the functional status of rangelands and provide early warnings of resource problems. This report is intended to be used at the ecological site scale. Version 5 of “Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health” is the third published edition of this protocol and reflects changes learned through 13 years of teaching and applying previous versions. These changes should improve the consistency of the application and interpretations made using this protocol. Future revisions are anticipated as science and experience provide additional information on indicators and assessments of rangeland health. The evaluation is used widely by the BLM, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and many private rangeland consultants. 

Pellant, M., Shaver, P.L., Pyke, D.A., Herrick, J.E., Lepak, N., Riegel, G., Kachergis, E.J., Newingham, B.A., Toledo, D.P., Busby, F.E., 2020, Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health, Version 5: Bureau of Land Management Technical Reference 1734-6, p. 187,


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