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Land Treatment Exploration Tool Fact Sheet

Land restoration and rehabilitation efforts usually involve soil and vegetation manipulations, which influence landscapes and ecosystems. These manipulations, or treatments, historically have been planned on a case-by-case basis with decisions made from personal experience of past successes or failures.

Current adaptive management strategies require structured planning and implementation of land treatments. A new USGS Fact Sheet describes the Land Treatment Exploration Tool, which was developed in cooperation with the BLM and designed for use by resource managers during the land treatment planning stage. The Exploration Tool taps into the Land Treatment Digital Library, providing summary environmental characteristics of planned treatment areas and comparisons to similar legacy treatments. The Exploration Tool is a user friendly, web-based Geographic Information System requiring little to no experience to generate a variety of spatial products, making it a practical resource for managers who are planning restoration and rehabilitation actions on public lands.


UPDATE: Pilliod, D.S., Welty, J.L., Jeffries, M.I., Schueck, L.S., and Zarriello, T.J., 2018, Land treatment exploration tool: (rev. 1.1, October 2018): U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2018-3042, 2 p.,

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