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‘Landsat in Action’ Features Video Conversations About Value of Landsat

People ask how a technological instrument 438 miles in space can protect forests, detect drought, monitor urbanization, and offer definitive proof of glacier melt and its impact on climate. Landsat satellites do all that, and much more, and we bring you the experts who can attest to it.

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USGS EROS is launching a new series called “Landsat in Action” that will bring you conversations with Earth observation experts nationally and across the globe as they discuss the value of Landsat to their work and, in turn, the benefits of that work to the greater society.

Check out our first two conversations—with Ted Scambos, Lead Scientist at the National Snow & Ice Data Center; and Alan Belward, who works with the European Commission’s Joint Research Center. We’ll post more conversations periodically going forward, so keep coming back to look for new posts.

We hope you’ll find them to be fascinating listening.