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Mapping Challenge Update (07/15/21): City / Town Halls in AK

July 15, 2021

Volunteers continue to make progress on this challenge! See our spatial analysis for tips on which communities may still need to be collected.

The original post from June 23, 2021 has additional tips and tricks. 

A before-and-after image showing the change in edits between 7/8/21 and 7/15/21. Three additional points were added during this timeframe (public domain). 

Remaining Communities

We performed a spatial overlay between US Census's Incorporated Places dataset and all the city / town hall features collected to date. We then limited the results to communities with a population greater than 300 since larger communities are more likely to have their own designated city hall. The results reveal a few incorporated places that do not yet have a city/town hall point inside their boundaries but may be large enough to support such a structure; the map below highlights these communities.   

NOTE that this does not mean every one of these communities is missing a point.  It is possible that some of these communities do not have a building that fits our definition of a city / town hall while others may have already been collected but their city / town hall falls outside their corporate boundary.  

Please help us research these communities and determine if a city / town hall exists! 

TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: City/Town Halls in AK (with Incorporated Places)
TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: The labeled communities on this map represent incorporated places in Alaska that have a population greater than 300 but do not yet have a city/town hall within their corporate boundaries (public domain).