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New HVO webcam: [MKcam] Mauna Loa's Summit and Northeast Rift Zone from Mauna Kea

A new USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory webcam provides views of Mauna Loa’s summit and Northeast Rift Zone. The webcam view is to the south from its position on the slope of Mauna Kea. Near-live webcam views and a 24-hour animated GIF are available here:

The new MKcam provides a wide view of Mauna Loa, and should be helpful for monitoring future activity at Mauna Loa's summit, Northeast Rift Zone, and potentially radial vents. The camera will also allow for tracking volcanic gas plume heights from Mauna Loa and Kīlauea. 

Color photograph of volcano profile
Annotated MKcam image, taken on May 29, 2021. The new MKcam is positioned on Mauna Kea with a south view of Mauna Loa summit and Northeast Rift Zone. The MKcam view also includes features on the East Rift Zone and summit of Kīlauea, including Kānenuiohamo, Maunaulu, and the Halema‘uma‘u plume. Kūlani, a cone on the Northeast Rift Zone of Mauna Loa, is also visible in the image. USGS webcam image. 
This video shows a typical day on Mauna Loa, captured from a new webcam looking south towards the volcano. The field of view covers the summit region and much of the Northeast Rift Zone. On clear days, the small gas plume from Kīlauea's summit can sometimes be seen near the left edge of the image.