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In conjunction with Earth Lab, the North Central CASC has released the web analytic resource Drought Index Portal (DrIP) to compare drought indices across the continental United States. 

Climate change has caused water shortages to become more common and more severe across the world, fueling a need to better understand how and why droughts occur. Yet droughts can be difficult to quantify, as they can occur on different time scales and can be caused by different factors, such as a lack of rainfall or depletion of underground aquifers. Furthermore, the many drought indices developed to incorporate different data inputs and time scales can be difficult to compare, and no single index can fully capture all dimensions of drought. To combat this, researchers at the North Central CASC partnered with Earth Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder to release the Drought Index Portal (DrIP). This web analytic tool allows users to display and extract time series data for different drought indices across the continental United States. The developers hope that DrIP will become a premier online tool for comparing different metrics of droughts across time and space and may be used to inform resource managers’ adaption plans.

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