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Date published: August 8, 1997

USGS Open House Set For Mid-September

More than 200 exhibits dealing with topics from ocean floor photography to the geology of Mars will be highlighted at the U.S. Geological Survey’s open house at its Western Region Center in Menlo Park, Calif., September 13 and 14. 

Date published: August 8, 1997

USGS Needs Help!!!

The U.S. Geological Survey needs help to prepare for and assist at its big open house, September 12, 13 and 14, at the USGS Western Region Center in Menlo Park.

Date published: August 6, 1997

USGS Exhibit At Mount Rainier Visitor Center Explains The History and Hazards of That Volcanic Mountain

The volcanic processes that created Mount Rainier and may pose a hazard to some residents of the Pacific Northwest are highlighted in a new exhibit that will be unveiled at the Sunrise Visitor Center in Mount Rainier National Park, on Saturday, August 9, 1997.

Date published: August 1, 1997

July River Flow to the Chesapeake Bay Reflects Recent Dry Spell

Total river flow into the Chesapeake Bay was about 16.2 billion gallons per day (bgd) in July, 31 percent below the normal inflow for July (23.4 bgd), according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The long-term average is based on 47 years of information.

Date published: August 1, 1997

Protecting People, Reducing the "Disaster Tax..." USGS Director Praises Crucial Work During Flood

The flood may be over but the hydrologic work continues on and is more critical than ever, was the message that U.S. Geological Survey Director Gordon Eaton gave to the troops in Bismarck Friday (Aug. 1, 1997).

Date published: July 31, 1997

Volcanoes on the Web

Pyroclastic explosions, lava flows and ash clouds are among the subjects of the newest website established by the U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior. The new website, , which was developed by the USGS Volcano Hazards Team, becomes active on August 1.

Date published: July 30, 1997

Tennessee Earthquake

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 3.8 occurred in northeastern Tennessee, Wednesday, July 30, 1997 according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Date published: July 28, 1997

New Chief Geographer For Nation’s Largest Civilian Mapping Agency

Gordon Eaton, Director of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), announced today (July 28, 1997), that Richard E. Witmer will serve as Chief Geographer and Chief of the USGS National Mapping Division.

Date published: July 22, 1997

Interior Secretary Babbitt, USGS Director Eaton Praise Scientist, Friend

Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt and USGS Director Gordon Eaton have joined with scientists and leaders from around the world to mourn the loss and praise the career of Dr. Eugene Shoemaker, who was killed in an automobile accident in Australia last Friday (July 18, 1997).

Date published: July 18, 1997

More Than 700,000 Aerial Photos Available Through Internet

The public can now search and order images from the world’s largest inventory of recent aerial photographs covering the United States through a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) site on the World Wide Web.

Date published: July 16, 1997

USGS Simplifies Notification System For Geologic Unrest in Long Valley Caldera

Experience over the last several years with the current system for describing the level of geologic unrest, such as earthquake swarms, ground deformation and gas emissions in the Long Valley caldera of eastern California, has shown it to be awkward and susceptible to misinterpretation by both the news media and the public.

Date published: July 15, 1997

Planet place names in the U.S. ... Mars May Be Just Around The Corner

Can’t find a travel agent booking flights to Mars? Try exploring one of the 478 planet places right here in the United States.