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vertical columns of volcanic rock at Devils Postpile National Monument
July 13, 2016

A new geologic map of the Long Valley Caldera, Mammoth Mountain, and the Middle Fork canyon of the San Joaquin River including Devils Postpile National Monument, recounts the geologic and volcanic history of the area east of the Sierra Nevada in far greater detail than any previously published report.

Image shows a map of all 50 states color-coded for their potential for groundwater corrosivity
July 13, 2016

An analysis of more than 20,000 wells nationwide shows 25 states have groundwater that has either high or very high potential to be corrosive...

USGS scientists use a boat and geophysical equipment to record geological and hydrological conditions in a coastal embayment.
July 12, 2016

New USGS study highlights Cape Cod's risk to rising sea levels

USGS logo
July 11, 2016

On Wednesday, July 13, USGS will release a nationwide study that ranks states’ potential for having corrosive groundwater.

Illustrated map of Iran showing various mining sites and refining/smelting plants of nonfuel minerals.
July 11, 2016

The USGS released a publication highlighting the nonfuel minerals industry of Iran. 

Photo of Plateau Striped Whiptail, Red-naped Sapsucker, Greater Short-horned Lizard, Pinyon Jay
July 7, 2016

New study offers insights to minimize projected climate impacts through proactive land-management activities

Smallmouth Bass
June 29, 2016

Climate change is already affecting inland fish across North America -- including some fish that are popular with anglers. Scientists are seeing a variety of changes in how inland fish reproduce, grow and where they can live.