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NHD and WBD Update Tool Transfer to Globus 

September 16, 2021

Recently the USGS required the WBD and NHD Update Tools to transition to a new data transfer solution to increase network security. FTP has been replaced by Globus, a software-as-a-service system which uses GridFTP to transfer data. GridFTP is similar to FTP in that it uses a two-channel protocol to transfer data.

With GridFTP, both the control channel & data channel are encrypted, providing additional security. The WBD and NHD Update Tool installation processes have changed slightly because of this transition.  The major change that will require additional steps occurs when users attempt to get their first job. Users with go through two Globus logins using an ORCID. The first login creates a Globus Personal Connect (GPC) account and the second login sets up the end points required for data transfers.   

Users may need additional assistance from their local IT departments to configure security and network settings to allow Globus. Partner Support can also provide some assistance with regard to the NHD and WBD Update Tools.  

Please contact National Hydrography Support with any questions.

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