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Press Conference Kicks Off Pilot Project To Test ShakeAlert in Classrooms

Press Conference Kicks Off Pilot Project To Test ShakeAlert in Classrooms

The USGS, City of Los Angeles mayor’s office, and Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) have begun a collaborative pilot project to install and test the ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning system in classrooms at the Eagle Rock High School. The project will provide both a science and technology educational opportunity for the school as well as a means to inform ShakeAlert system improvement based on feedback regarding functioning, understanding, and potential uses of the system in an educational setting. A press conference was held on October 23rd at 12:30 pm at Eagle Rock High School, where speakers included the LA Mayor, district officials, school officials, and Dr. Lucy Jones. See article: "Mayor Garcetti Announces First In The Nation Early Warning System Pilot At LAUSD School"; excerpt- ""We are looking forward to working with LAUSD to provide students the opportunity to learn about earthquakes, the hazards they create, and what they can do to reduce the risk," said Dr. Lucy Jones, USGS seismologist. "This pilot program will allow us to obtain feedback on the function and use of ShakeAlert within their classrooms in order help advance us towards the goal of issuing earthquake warnings throughout the west coast." (View LA Times article.)

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