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Prioritizing Forest Health Investments

With support from the Southwest CASC, the Science Advisory Panel to the California Forest Management Task Force has published a report that reviews existing approaches and provides science-based guidance for prioritizing forest health treatments, with examples from Washington and California.

Seven tall redwood trees crowded together into a semicircle, a cathedral of trees
Redwood trees in northern California forming a fairy ring, a product of redwoods resprouting around a stump. (Credit: Allie Weill. Courtesy: Allie Weill)

Read the original news announcement byt the Southwest CASC, here

Fire mitigation and carbon management strategies can contribute to forest health, but knowing when, where, and if to use these approaches acriss various forest types can be challenging. In the Southwest CASC supported report Prioritizing Forest Health Investments, the Governor of California’s Forest Management Task Force Science Advisory Panel presents an evaluation of factors for prioritizing forest health treatments and reviews existing approaches to provide science-based guidance for prioritizing forest health treatments, with examples from both Washington and California. 

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