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SAFRR, Art Center, and others collaborate in an Earthquake Risk Communication Design Storm

SAFRR, Art Center, and others collaborate in an Earthquake Risk Communication Design Storm

On July 8-9th, 2013, the USGS met at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design for an Earthquake Risk Communication Design Storm, in a project coordinated by the SAFRR team that brought together seismologists, emergency managers, risk communication researchers, and design professionals to develop a framework for earthquake probability messages for emergency managers and the general public. The seismologists provided guidelines for earthquake information that can be produced, the emergency managers explained what they need to do their jobs and help inform people what they need to be safe, the risk communication researchers helped advise on theories of how people perceive risk and what approaches lead to action or are known to not work, and the Art Center designers helped develop possible interfaces to present effective messages incorporating guidance from all of the above. The outcome included several sets of promising possible earthquake early warning messages and approaches, including potential sounds, phone and television application interfaces, and creative awareness training ideas in the form of mascots or PSAs. Following the Design Storm, the candidate messages will be tested with focus groups by the researchers at the Division of Risk Communication at the University of Kentucky.

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