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April 30, 2017

On its 205th anniversary, Louisiana still rocks.

Image shows a geologic map of Louisiana
A geologic map of the birthday state!(Public domain.)

On this day, in 1812, Louisiana entered the Union as the first new state from the Louisiana Purchase. To honor the Bayou state’s birthday, we thought we’d highlight Louisiana’s nonfuel mineral contributions.

Louisiana ranks 34th in nonfuel mineral production value in the 50 United States, with its mineral industry worth about $530 million in 2016. USGS monitors the mineral industry of Louisiana and all 50 states, reporting annually in its Mineral Commodity Summaries.

Louisiana’s primary mineral commodities are, in order of value, salt, crushed stone, sand and gravel, and lime. Much of these construction materials come from the sediments brought by Louisiana’s mighty rivers that gradually built the broad coastal plains, swamps and marshes.