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The East Austin, Texas quadrangle is the updated "feature map" on the US Topo and Historical Topographic Map Collection websites.

Lone Star Quads Featured: The US Topo map and Historical Topographic Map Collection websites have updated the interactive map application to those home pages. The new series features 12 topographic maps (and layer variants) of the East Austin, Texas area. These maps and scans span more 120 years, with the latest maps adding U.S. Census Bureau road data, a wetlands layer and selected trails. These flash thumbnails of original scanned maps display all available versions of the east Austin quadrangles in an animated format. The display allows the user to view the maps in chronological order, access larger version of the map and go directly to the free download services.

Updated 2016 version of the East Austin US Topo quadrangle with orthoimage turned on. (1:24,000 scale)
Scan of 1886 legacy topographic quadrangle - greater Austin, TX area from the USGS Historic Topographic Map Collection