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Shifting Seasons Summit Brings Indigenous Community Together for Climate Adaptation Planning

The 2021 Shifting Seasons Summit focused on “Sharing Adaptation and Resilience Knowledge ​Across Indigenous Communities”. Northeast CASC Tribal Liaison and an event organizer, Sara Smith, helped Indigenous communities come together to discuss climate adaptation planning through this event.

Clear blue lake with green trees in the background and blue sky with clouds reflected in the water
Day Lake, Wisconsin - Credit: USFS

Read the original news story by the Northeast CASC, here.

The 2021 Shifting Seasons Summit was organized by the College of Menominee Nation and focused on “Sharing Adaptation and Resilience Knowledge Across Indigenous Communities”. Participants came from more than 60 Indigenous communities/First Nations. Many attendees also represented various Inter-Tribal organizations such as the Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission, United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc., the Tribal Alliance for Pollinators, and the Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance.  

“The Shifting Seasons Summit was an incredibly inspiring event, both because of the terrific turnout our program attracted and because of the stories the speakers and attendees shared about implementing climate adaptation plans within their communities,” said Sara Smith, Northeast CASC Tribal Liaison and an event organizer. “The implementation of climate adaptation plans is often challenging due to lack of funding and capacity, but the many success stories we heard from a variety of Indigenous communities was motivating and exciting, especially for the numerous audience members in the early stages of climate adaptation planning. The Summit gave everyone in attendance an idea of what successful implementation can look like and let us all know that these successes are really possible.”  

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