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Siefkes, Miehls, Johnson, Adams Present to Great Lakes Sea Lamprey Control Board

June 1, 2021

Presentation to the Sea Lamprey Control Board of Great Lakes Fishery Commission

Mike Siefkes, Scott Miehls, Nick Johnson (GLSC, Millersburg, Michigan), and Jean Adams (GLSC, Antigo, Wisconsin), presented to the Great Lakes Sea Lamprey Control Board on April 13 and 14, 2021.  The Sea Lamprey Control Board is the sea lamprey control Advisory Board to the Great Lakes Fishery Commission comprised of experts in the fields of Fishery Management (Federal, State, Provincial, Indigenous), Research, and Budget and Administration. GLSC’s Chuck Madenjian (Ann Arbor, Michigan) is a member of the Control Board as a Science Advisor. The Control Board directs the overall course for the binational sea lamprey control program in the Great Lakes. Presentations included the following.

  • Hammond Bay Biological Station Research Program – Mike Siefkes 
  • Eradicating Sea Lamprey in the Great Lakes - Think Tank Discussion – Jean Adams 
  • Update from the Trapping Task Force Chair – Scott Miehls 
  • SupCon Workgroup Report – Nick Johnson