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February 23, 2021

This video features an overview of USGS and Ecosystems research with a focus on Pacific seabirds. Our scientists at the USGS Alaska Science Center, Western Ecological Research Center and National Wildlife Health Center work on Pacific seabird research topics in collaboration with partner agencies, non-governmental organizations, universities, and rehabilitation centers.

The USGS conducts research on Pacific seabirds, marine wildlife and habitats, and ecosystem processes to provide science information for partners as they make decisions relative to species status, resource use, and human activities. USGS Ecosystems research on Pacific seabirds is focused on increasing our understanding of factors that influence the abundance, distribution, prey, behavior, movement, habitat use, threats, and the response of seabirds to changes in the marine environment.

Video: USGS Pacific Seabird Research

For more information about USGS seabird research and how you can get involved, visit the links below.

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