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Drop delivery of waveform data

Delivery of waveform data will be dropped from the Lidar Base Specification. 

Status of this revision: Published in Lidar Base Specification 2022 rev. A


Delivery of waveform data has been a requirement since the first version of the Lidar Base Specification. Full waveform data has never been delivered and is not needed for 3DEP collections. All references to waveform data will be removed from the specification. 

Current requirements:

In Collection Requirements, Multiple Discrete Returns:

  • Full waveform collection is acceptable and is promoted; however, full waveform data are regarded as supplemental information. 

In Data Processing and Handling:

Full Waveform
  • If full waveform data are recorded during collection, the waveform packets shall be delivered.

  • LAS deliverables, including waveform data, shall use external auxiliary files with the extension .wdp to store waveform packet data. See LAS specification version 1.4–R15 (ASPRS, 2011).

In Deliverables, Classified Point Data:

  • If collected, waveform data in external auxiliary files with the extension .wdp. See LAS specification version 1.4–R15 (ASPRS, 2011) for additional information. 


The four bullet items above will be removed from the Lidar Base Specification.