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Elevation-Derived Hydrography Acquisition Specifications: Metadata Requirements

Elevation-Derived Hydrography Acquisition Specifications

Metadata Requirements



  • Metadata for the breaklines shall be provided in Extensible Markup Language (commonly known as XML; formatted files (Bray and others, 2008) compliant with the Federal Geographic Data Committee Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (Federal Geographic Data Committee, 1998a). The USGS may offer additional or alternative metadata formats in the future.

  • Metadata shall document the following:

    • Methods used to delineate features;

    • Minimum feature length;

    • Format of elevation data (lidar derivatives);

    • Source of elevation data (where the data were acquired);

    • Date of source elevation data;

    • Quality level of source elevation data;

    • Ancillary datasets used, including source, date, and resolution;

    • Spatial reference system, including horizontal and vertical units, and horizontal and vertical datum used;

    • Results of relative accuracy assessment of hydro- graphic data;

    • Method for relative accuracy assessment;

    • Field definitions for tables associated with geospatial data (explanation of what type of information the field contains); and

    • Contact information for data collector.