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Point Cloud Delivery in LAZ Format

This requirement will change the delivery format for lidar point clouds delivered to the USGS from LAS to the compressed LAZ format in order to reduce storage requirements.


Lidar point cloud (LPC) files in LAS format have significant data storage needs. The compressed LAZ format can significantly reduce the size of LPC delivery, which helps to reduce the number of physical drives delivered, and after-delivery conversion. Some projects may require a separate delivery of uncompressed LAS files. 

Current requirement:

In Data Processing and Handling: ASPRS LAS File Format
  • All point deliverables shall be in LAS format, version 1.4-R15, using Point Data Record Format 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10. Data producers are encouraged to review the LAS specification version 1.4–R15 in detail (ASPRS, 2011).

Note: This requirement will remain unchanged and is included for reference purposes. 


In Deliverables: classified point data, add:
  • Delivery in LAZ format:
    • All LAS files shall be delivered in compressed LAZ format (Isenburg, 2019; Rapidlasso GmbH, 2022).
    • LAZ 1.4 format shall be used.
    • LAZ 1.4 files compressed in "compatibility mode" shall not be used.
In References, add:

Isenburg, Martin, 2019, LASzip 3.4.3 documentation, accessed April 11, 2022, at URL

Rapidlasso GmbH, 2022, LASzip, accessed April 11, 2022, at URL