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Remove requirement for extent polygons for each dataset

There is a requirement in the Lidar Base Specification for delivery of a polygon file representing the extent of each delivered dataset. This requirement is not needed and will be removed from the specification. 

Current requirement:

In LBS 2022 rev. A: Deliverables: Metadata:
  • A georeferenced, digital spatial representation of the detailed extents of each delivered dataset.
    • The extents shall be those of the actual lidar source or derived product data, exclusive of peripheral TIN artifacts or raster NODATA areas. 
    • A union of tile boundaries or minimum bounding rectangles is not acceptable. 
    • For the point data, no line segment in the boundary will be longer than the four times the ANPS from the nearest lidar point. 
    • Esri polygon shapefile or geodatabase is required. 


The entire section above will be removed.