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HASH 1.2

March 6, 2019

HASH is designed to produce stable high-quality focal mechanisms, and tests the solution sensitivity to possible errors in the first-motion input and the computed take-off angles. The technique is described by Hardebeck and Shearer (BSSA 92, pp. 2264-2276, 2002.) Examples are provided for data in FPFIT input format. The code is designed to be as input-format independent as possible, so only minor editing is needed to use data in other formats.

Authors: Jeanne Hardebeck and Peter Shearer
Usage: Calculates earthquake focal mechanisms
Platform: Unix
Interface: Command line / text input files
Output: Text files
Download: hash.v1.2.tar.gz (1.1 MB)
Publication Year 2019
Title HASH 1.2
Product Type Software Release
Record Source USGS Digital Object Identifier Catalog