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Teaching About Cascades Volcanoes - Education

The U.S. Geological Survey's Cascades Volcano Observatory strives to serve the national interest by helping people to live knowledgeably and safely with volcanoes in WA, OR, and ID. 

Exploring Mount Rainier: living near a volcano provides an opportunity for field-based learning.

Teachers have an important role in fostering student enthusiasm for volcanoes.

Many students have a natural curiosity about volcanoes. Encourage their interest and help them understand that living near a volcano is an opportunity for learning, as well as recreation and enjoyment.

Classroom teachers, emergency educators and others can do a lot to help prepare their communities for the next eruption of a nearby volcano. They can augment existing generalized curricula with educational materials, data, and preparedness information on this website.

Five good reasons to teach about Cascade volcanoes:

  1. Future Eruptions – Cascade volcanoes have erupted on average 1-2 times per century during the past 4000 years; future eruptions are certain.
  2. Community – Teaching about Cascade volcanoes helps students to understand the connection between volcanoes and their community – past, present, and future.
  3. Preparedness – Knowledgeable students and teachers can help to develop preparedness strategies for their schools and communities.
  4. Current Events – Volcano studies bring opportunities to explore current events in the Earth Sciences.
  5. Resources – Opportunities and resources abound for teaching and learning about local volcanoes in accordance with state standards.

Read the Classroom Use webpage to learn more ways to utilize this website as an instructional tool in your classroom, and visit Teaching Resources to find out about some of the products we offer.