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January 3, 2023

HVO Geophysicists perform post-eruption survey of Mauna Loa.

Color photograph of scientist and instrument
Hawaiian Volcano Observatory geophysicist Ingrid Johanson checks on a survey-mode GPS instrument deployed near the summit of Mauna Loa. This survey will supplement HVO's network of continuous GPS instruments and provide higher spatial density of measurements for how Mauna Loa deformed during the recent eruption. The positions obtained during the current survey will be compared back to positions obtained during HVO's annual survey last May. USGS image.
Tripod covered in ice
A tripod on Mauna Loa's summit and holding a GPS antenna for the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory's post-eruption survey of Mauna Loa was iced in during the recent Kona low storm. The ice broke away easily and there was no damage to the equipment. This survey will supplement HVO's continuous network and provide dense spatial sampling of co-eruptive deformation of the volcano. USGS image.