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OBIS-USA is the US National Node for data contributed to Ocean Biodiversity Information System (OBIS), which is the best and most efficient way to access OBIS-USA data. Information about accessing data through the OBIS Mapper, R package, API, and Indicators are available on the OBIS Data page.

For any user interested in accessing the datasets as they are before OBIS harvests them, our OBIS-USA Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT) houses all of the data we submit to OBIS and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

Or for more information on how a particular dataset was processed for inclusion in OBIS via OBIS-USA look for a page for that dataset in the USGS ScienceBase OBIS-USA Source Data community.

Data Standards

OBIS-USA brings data and metadata together using international standards for consistent meaning and usability for applications. Data contained in OBIS-USA are mapped to the ratified Darwin Core standard and scientific names are aligned with the World Register of Marine Species.