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STEP-UP: Student Projects

STEP-UP students support projects across USGS scientific disciplines.

STEP-UP Student Sean
STEP-UP Student Sean sorting microfossils under a microscope (public domain)

Projects have included these:

  • Geo-locating data and delineating objects in ArcGIS (geographic information system software)
  • Sorting and counting of microfossils (foraminifera)
  • Identifying species in photos taken by trail cameras
  • Cataloging rock cuttings
  • Processing soil samples in a laser particle size analyzer
  • Using Drupal to migrate images and text on USGS’s website
  • Identifying bird and frog calls in audio files
  • Researching and authoring Twitter tweets based on USGS ecosystems research publications
  • Assisting USGS’s Tier II Help Desk
  • Scanning records, scientists’ field notebooks, microfiche, and 35mm slides