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In a Southeast CASC-supported study, researchers evaluated factors that may influence how research results are used by intended stakeholders as well as how the same projects contribute to scientific advancements. Their findings emphasize the importance of regular communication between users and principal investigators to further increase the use of the science.

With climate change continuing to challenge adaptation initiatives around the world, research-driven recommendations to inform management decisions have become increasingly important. In a new study published in Conservation Letters, Southeast CASC supported researchers evaluated factors that may influence how research results, and the projects they stem from, are used by intended stakeholders.

The research team evaluated documentary sources and conducted surveys of researchers, stakeholders, and program leaders from federally supported projects across the U.S. to understand the factors that influence the variation of academic contribution and use of collaborative research on climate change adaptation. They found that academic contributions (e.g. peer-reviewed publications) did not significantly affect the use of research results but the frequency of meetings between researchers and users did influence the level of use.

The researchers' findings indicate that meaningful engagement with intended users throughout the research process is essential for developing meaningful science that will be implemented by resource managers.

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