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The CASC network will contribute to the U.S. Global Change Research Program’s first National Nature Assessment, providing expertise on the integration of nature into decision-making and planning. Southwest CASC Social Scientist Nicole Herman-Mercer, was selected to serve as the Federal Coordinating Lead Authors on the “Nature and America’s Cultural Heritage" chapter.

The U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) announced a diverse team of experts to write the first National Nature Assessment (NNA1). The assessment will “provide a holistic picture of America’s lands, waters, wildlife, and ecosystems and the benefits they provide to us—to our economy, health, climate, culture, and even our national security.” 

Nicole Herman-Mercer, a USGS Social Scientist with the Southwest CASC, was selected to serve as one of 11 Federal Coordinating Lead Authors (FCLAs) on the NNA1 report, helping lead a chapter on “Nature and America’s Cultural Heritage.” As FCLA for the chapter, she will work closely with the Chapter Lead Author and with other FCLAs to ensure that the chapter is consistent and cohesive with the rest of the report. The FCLAs were nominated from within the federal government based on expertise and leadership while the Chapter Leads were chosen from a pool of public nominations.  

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