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The Hawaiʻi Climate Data Portal (HCDP) provides broad access to high quality climate data needed by local decision-makers to prepare and adapt to a changing environment.

The Hawaiian Islands have an incredibly diverse set of climates spread over a relatively small area, making the region a complex setting for science research. The enormous amount of data gathered on these climate patterns was previously de-centralized and spread out across a variety of resources, however, the Hawaiʻi Climate Data Portal (HCDP) now provides a place for scientists, managers, and local decision-makers to find tools and data for making informed decisions on how to adapt to the region’s changing climate.

A Pacific Islands CASC-supported team of researchers created the portal which brings together decades of data on the islands’ rainfall, humidity, and temperature, as well as a repository of hundreds of scientific articles and reports from the area. The portal also includes Indigenous perspectives on climate science and cultural resource management. This work will continue to work to fill gaps in climate information in the Hawaiian Islands.

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