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Southwest and Northeast CASC mapping identifies potential climate strongholds for vulnerable foothill yellow-legged frogs, charting a path forward for conservation efforts. 

The foothill yellow-legged frog has adapted to change over its more than 6 million years of existence, but climate change impacts (such as fire and drought), invasive species, and disease threaten their continued survival. A recent article in Sierra Magazine highlights Southwest CASC-funded researcher Claudia Mengelt and Northeast CASC ecologist Toni Lyn Morelli’s efforts to map areas where these amphibians are doing well, and areas of climate refugia – places where the frogs may do well in the future under climate change. Mapping these locations allows land managers to communicate actionable, useful science to decision-makers. 

This work is supported by the Southwest CASC project, “Designing Climate-Resilient Habitat for At-Risk Species in the Southern Sierra Nevada Forest". 

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