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The North Central CASC has created two new apps for analyzing large-scale drivers of regional precipitation to inform regional water availability across the contiguous United States.

Two new North Central CASC created apps are now available for analysis of large-scale drivers of regional precipitation to inform regional water availability. The "Precipitation Clustering" app uses gridded precipitation data across the CONUS (Contiguous United States) to allow users to interactively explore and analyze precipitation data. This includes a clustering analysis to identify regions with similar precipitation profiles and to examine the large-scale moisture transport and ocean surface temperatures associated with specific regional precipitation variability. The "IVT World" app includes visualization and analysis of Integrated Vapor Transport (IVT) data on a global scale, allowing users to explore atmospheric moisture transport patterns through interactive maps, time series analysis, and data on moisture fluxes. 

Explore more on the Climate Science Support Platform.

These apps were developed as part of the 2023 Rapid Climate Assessment Program (RCAP)

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