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The Southwest CASC is part of a collaborative partnership that is helping resource managers in Southern California address the wildfire crisis in the region through strategic adaptation planning.

The Southwest CASC-funded Southern California Montane Forests Project has created a conservation strategy that is being used to support forest management projects in Southern California. The conservation strategy focuses on strategic decision-making and incorporates forest and climate science in every step of the process. 

At a regional meeting for the California Governor’s Wildfire and Forest Resilience Task Force, leaders outlined their plans to address the growing wildfire crisis, informed by the Southern California Montane Forests Project, a multi-jurisdictional collaborative partnership between the Southwest CASC, Climate Science Alliance, U.S. Forest Service, and San Diego State University. These partners are working to advance collective understanding of the environmental stressors that affect Southern California’s montane forests and identify strategies for forest resilience and conservation. 

This work is supported by the Southwest CASC project, “A Climate-Informed Conservation Strategy for Southern California’s Montane Forests”. 

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