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Last month USGS scientists visited more than 13 coastal and offshore locations—plus one very much onshore location—studying hurricane damage, an underwater earthquake fault, a major western reservoir, and much more.

Here’s a quick overview of some recent fieldwork by our researchers.

Recent Fieldwork Map November-December 2017
Approximate locations of some recent USGS coastal and offshore fieldwork. Dark blue areas outline the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone; purple areas show U.S. Great Lakes waters.

Miami Beach, Florida: Performed beach topographic survey and collected calibration data to allow for the utilization of a Surfline camera for scientific measurements, December 4–5. Details:

Islamorada, Florida: Studied wave and ocean circulation, and sediment suspension, at Crocker Reef, November 27 to December 4. Details:

San Pablo Bay, California: Collected seismic reflection data from the Hayward-Rodgers Creek fault and other faults, September 25 to November 30. Details:

Indian Rocks Beach, Florida: Assessed monitoring wells, November 29. Details:

Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts: Mapped coastal change and measured sediment transport on Coast Guard Beach and Nauset Inlet, November 27–28. Details:

Florida Keys: Collected baseline information from Hurricane Irma impacts to mangroves, November 16–22. Details:

Lake Powell, Arizona and Utah: Collected multibeam bathymetry and sub-bottom data in the lake and at the confluence of the Colorado, Escalante, and San Juan rivers, October 3 to November 17. Details:

San Francisco, California: Monitored changes in Ocean Beach sand volume and distribution, November 16. Details:

Tampa Bay, Florida: Took measurements to mount the OCS V2 solar panel, November 15. Details:

Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, Massachusetts: Collected air photos of the Plum Island marsh for a sediment budget study, November 13–14. Details:

West Maui, Hawaiʻi: Collected wave, tide, circulation, and turbidity measurements for computer models, November 6–14. Details:

Florida Keys: Measured coral and algae calcification rates at monitoring sites from Biscayne National Park to Dry Tortugas National Park, October 23 to November 10. Details:

Long Island, New York: Measured sediment transport of wetland complexes in Cape Cod NS, Fire Island NS, Gateway NRA, and Assateague Island NS, November 6–9. Details: and

Madeira Beach, Florida: Collected air photos to test the structure-from-motion technique for measuring coastal topography; collected data for beach profiles, November 9. Details: and


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