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List of recent USGS publications and data releases based on coastal and marine research.

  • Ben-Horin, T., Lafferty, K.D., Bidegain, G., and Lenihan, H.S., 2016, Fishing diseased abalone to promote yield and conservation: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, v. 371. [

  • Bern, C., Shah, A.K., Benzel, W.M., and Lowers, H., 2016, The distribution and composition of REE-bearing minerals in placers of the Atlantic and Gulf coastal plains, USA: Journal of Geochemical Exploration, v. 162, p. 50–61. [

  • Bernier, J.C., Stalk, C.A., Kelso, K.W., Miselis, J.L., and Tunstead, R., 2016, Sediment data collected in 2014 from Barnegat Bay, New Jersey: Data Series Report 985. [

  • Brothers, D., Haeussler, P.J., Lee Liberty, David Finlayson, Geist, E.L., Labay, K., and Michael Byerly, 2016, A submarine landslide source for the devastating 1964 Chenega tsunami, southern Alaska: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 438, p. 112–121. [

  • Burge, C.A., Friedman, C.S., Getchell, R.G., House, M., Lafferty, K.D., Mydlarz, L.D., Prager, K.C., Sutherland, K.P., Renault, T., Kiryu, I., and Vega-Thurber, R., 2016, Complementary approaches to diagnosing marine diseases: a union of the modern and the classic: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, v. 371, p. 1–11. [

  • Catlin, D.H., Zeigler, S., Bomberger Brown, M., Dinan, L.R., Frasera, J.D., Hunt, K.L., and Jorgensen, J.G., 2016, Metapopulation viability of an endangered shorebird depends on dispersal and human-created habitats: Piping plovers (Charadrius melodus) and prairie rivers: Movement Ecology, v. 4. [

  • Cheriton, O., Storlazzi, C., and Rosenberger, K., 2016, Observations of wave transformation over a fringing coral reef and the importance of low-frequency waves and offshore water levels to runup, overwash, and coastal flooding: Journal of Geophysical Research C: Oceans. [

  • Clague, D.A., Dreyer, B.M., Paduan, J.B., Martin, J.F., Caress, D.W., Gillespie, J.B., Kelley, D.S., Thomas, H., Portner, R.A., Delaney, J.R., Guilderson, T.P., and McGann, M.L., 2016, Eruptive and tectonic history of the Endeavour Segment, Juan de Fuca Ridge, based on AUV mapping data and lava flow ages: Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, v. 15, p. 3364–3391. [

  • Cochrane, G.R., Johnson, S.Y., Dartnell, P., Greene, H.G., Erdey, M.D., Dieter, B.E., Golden, N.E., Hartwell, S.R., Ritchie, A.C., Kvitek, R.G., Maier, K.L., Endris, C.A., Davenport, C.W., Watt, J.T., et al., 2016, California State Waters Map Series—Offshore of Aptos, California: Open-File Report 2016–1025. [

  • Cochran, S.A., Gibbs, A.E., D’Antonio, N.L., and Storlazzi, C.D., 2016, Benthic habitat map of U.S. Coral Reef Task Force Faga‘alu Bay priority study area, Tutuila, American Samoa: Open-File Report Report 2016–1077, 41 p. [

  • Forde, A.S., Flocks, J.G., Wiese, D.S., and Fredericks, J.J., 2016, Archive of Digital Chirp Subbottom Profile Data Collected During USGS Cruise 14BIM05 Offshore of Breton Island, Louisiana, August 2014: Data Series Report 972. [

  • Forde, A.S., Smith, C.G., and Reynolds, B.J., 2016, Archive of ground penetrating radar data collected during USGS field activity 13BIM01—Dauphin Island, Alabama, April 2013: Data Series Report 982. [

  • Fujisaki, I., and Lamont, M.M., 2016, The effects of large beach debris on nesting sea turtles: Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, v. 482, p. 33–37. [

  • Geist, E.L., and Parsons, T.E., 2016, Reconstruction of far-field tsunami amplitude distributions from earthquake sources: Pure and Applied Geophysics. [

  • Hédouin, L., Wolf, R.E., Phillips, J., and Gates, R.D., 2016, Improving the ecological relevance of toxicity tests on scleractinian corals: Influence of season, life stage, and seawater temperature: Environmental Pollution, v. 213, p. 240–253. [

  • Houseknecht, D.W., Craddock, W.H., and Lease, R.O., 2016, Upper Cretaceous and Lower Jurassic strata in shallow cores on the Chukchi Shelf, Arctic Alaska: Professional Paper Report 1814C. [

  • Janousek, C., Buffington, K.J., Thorne, K.M., Guntenspergen, G.R., Takekawa, J., and Dugger, B.D., 2016, Potential effects of sea-level rise on plant productivity: Species-specific responses in northeast Pacific tidal marshes: Marine Ecology Progress Series, v. 548, p. 111–125. [

  • Lacy, J.R., and MacVean, L.J., 2016, Wave attenuation in the shallows of San Francisco Bay: Coastal Engineering, v. 114, p. 159–168. [

  • Lafferty, K.D., and Hofmann, E.E., 2016, Marine disease impacts, diagnosis, forecasting, management and policy: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, v. 371. [

  • Lawler, S.N., Kellogg, C.A., France, S.C., Clostio, R.W., Brooke, S.D., and Ross, S.W., 2016, Coral-associated bacterial diversity is conserved across two deep-sea Anthothela species: Frontiers in Microbiology, v. 7. [

  • Levin, L.A., Baco, A., Bowden, D., Colaco, A., Cordes, E.E., Cunha, M., Demopoulos, A., Gobin, J., Grupe, B., Le, J., Metaxas, A., Netburn, A., Rouse, G., Thurber, A., et al., 2016, Hydrothermal vents and methane seeps: Rethinking the sphere of influence: Frontiers in Marine Science, v. 3. [

  • Lewis, R.R., Milbrandt, E.C., Brown, B., Krauss, K.W., Rovai, A.S., Beever, J.W., and Flynn, L.L., 2016, Stress in mangrove forests: early detection and preemptive rehabilitation are essential for future successful worldwide mangrove forest management: Marine Pollution Bulletin. [

  • Lisle, J.T., 2016, Natural inactivation of Escherichia coli in anoxic and reduced groundwater: Journal of Applied Microbiology, v. 120, p. 1739–1750. [

  • McHuron, E.A., Peterson, S.H., Ackerman, J., Melin, S.R., Harris, J.D., and Costa, D.P., 2016, Effects of age, colony, and sex on mercury concentrations in California sea lions: Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, v. 70, p. 46–55. [

  • Menza, C., Leirness, J.B., White, T., Winship, A., Kinlan, B.P., Kracker, L., Zamon, J.E., Ballance, L., Becker, E., Forney, K.A., Barlow, J., Adams, J., Pereksta, D., Pearson, S., et al., 2016, Predictive mapping of seabirds, pinnipeds and cetaceans off the Pacific Coast of Washington: Report. [

  • Morgan, K.L.M., and Karen A. Westphal, 2016a, Baseline coastal oblique aerial photographs collected from Calcasieu Lake, Louisiana, to Brownsville, Texas, September 9–10, 2008: Data Series Report 991. [

  • Morgan, K.L.M., and Karen A. Westphal, 2016b, Post-Hurricane Isaac coastal oblique aerial photographs collected along the Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana barrier islands, September 2–3, 2012: Data Series Report 988. [

  • Morgan, K.L.M., and Krohn, M.D., 2016, Post-Hurricane Irene coastal oblique aerial photographs collected from Ocracoke Inlet, North Carolina, to Virginia Beach, Virginia, August 30–31, 2011: Data Series Report 979. [

  • Morgan, K.L.M., Krohn, M.D., and Guy, K.K., 2016, Post-Hurricane Ike coastal oblique aerial photographs collected along the Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana barrier islands and the north Texas coast, September 14–15, 2008: Data Series Report 990. [

  • Nagle, D.B., and Wright, C.W., 2016, Algorithms used in the Airborne Lidar Processing System (ALPS): Open-File Report 2016–1046, 56 p. [

  • Naro-Maciel, E., Hart, K.M., Cruciata, R., and Putman, N.F., 2016, DNA and dispersal models highlight constrained connectivity in a migratory marine megavertebrate: Ecography. [

  • Peterson, S., Ackerman, J., and Costa, D.P., 2016, Mercury correlations among blood, muscle, and hair of northern elephant seals during the breeding and molting fasts: Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. [

  • Peterson, S.H., McHuron, E.A., Kennedy, S.N., Ackerman, J., Rea, L.D., Castellini, J.M., O’Hara, T.M., and Costa, D.P., 2016, Evaluating hair as a predictor of blood mercury: the influence of ontogenetic phase and life history in pinnipeds: Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, v. 70, p. 28–45. [

  • Romanok, K., Szabo, Z., Reilly, T.J., Defne, Z., and Ganju, N.K., 2016, Sediment Chemistry and Toxicity in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey: Pre- and Post- Hurricane Sandy, 2012–2013: Marine Pollution Bulletin. [

  • Rooney, A.D., Selby, D., Llyod, J.M., Roberts, D.H., Luckge, A., Sageman, B.B., and Prouty, N.G., 2016a, Tracking millennial-scale Holocene glacial advance and retreat using osmium isotopes: Insights from the Greenland ice sheet: Quaternary Science Reviews, v. 138, p. 49–61. [

  • Rosenberger, K., Storlazzi, C., and Cheriton, O., 2016, Variability of the internal tide on the southern Monterey Bay continental shelf and associated bottom boundary layer sediment transport: Continental Shelf Research, v. 120, p. 68–81. [

  • Sartain-Iverson, A.R., Hart, K.M., Fujisaki, I., Cherkiss, M.S., Pollock, C., Lundgren, I., and Hillis-Starr, Z.-M., 2016, Hawksbill satellite-tracking case study: Implications for remigration interval and population estimates: Marine Turtle Newsletter, v. 148, p. 2–7. 

  • Scandella, B.P., Pillsbury, L., Weber, T., Ruppel, C., Hemond, H.F., and Juanes, R., 2016, Ephemerality of discrete methane vents in lake sediments: Geophysical Research Letters. [

  • Terrano, J.F., Flocks, J.G., and Smith, K.E.L., 2016, Analysis of shoreline and geomorphic change for Breton Island, Louisiana, from 1869 to 2014: Open-File Report 2016–1039, 43 p. [

  • Tonione, M.A., Fisher, R.N., Zhu, C., and Moritz, C., 2016, Deep divergence and structure in the Tropical Oceanic Pacific: a multilocus phylogeography of a widespread gekkonid lizard (Squamata: Gekkonidae: Gehyra oceanica): Journal of Biogeography, v. 43, p. 268–278. [

  • Valentine, P.C., Carman, M.R., and Blackwood, D.S., 2016, Observations of recruitment and colonization by tunicates and associated invertebrates using giant one-meter2 recruitment plates at Woods Hole, Massachusetts: Management of Biological Invasions, v. 7, p. 115–130. [

  • von Huene, R., Miller, J.J., and Dartnell, P., 2016, A possible transoceanic tsunami directed toward the U.S. west coast from the Semidi segment, Alaska convergent margin: Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, v. 17, p. 645–659. [

  • Wright, C.W., Kranenburg, C.J., Troche, R.J., Mitchell, R.W., and Nagle, D.B., 2016, Depth calibration of the Experimental Advanced Airborne Research Lidar, EAARL-B: Open-File Report 2016–1048. [

  • Young, M.A., Cavanaugh, K.C., Bell, T.W., Raimondi, P.T., Edwards, C.A., Drake, P.T., Erikson, L.H., and Storlazzi, C., 2016, Environmental controls on spatial patterns in the long-term persistence of giant kelp in central California: Ecology, v. 86, p. 45–60. [

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