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List of recent USGS publications and data releases based on coastal and marine research.

This article is part of the April-May 2018 issue of the Sound Waves newsletter.

  • Bennett, V.C.C., Mulligan, R.P., and Hapke, C.J., 2018, A numerical model investigation of the impacts of Hurricane Sandy on water level variability in Great South Bay, New York: Continental Shelf Research, v. 161, p. 1–11,

  • Buckley, M.L., Lowe, R.J., Hansen, J.E., van Dongeren, A.R., and Storlazzi, C., 2018, Mechanisms of wave-driven water level variability on reef-fringed coastlines: Journal of Geophysical Research C: Oceans,

  • Cook, A.E., and Waite, W.F., 2018, Archie’s saturation exponent for natural gas hydrate in coarse-grained reservoirs: Journal of Geophysical Research B: Solid Earth, v. 123, p. 2069–2089,

  • deBlij, H.J., and Williams, R.S., 1997, Foreword, in Restless Earth, National Geographic Society, p. 8–11,

  • DeWitt, N.T., Stalk, C.A., Fredericks, J.J., Flocks, J.G., Kelso, K.W., Farmer, A.S., Tuten, T.M., and Buster, N.A., 2018, Nearshore coastal bathymetry data collected in 2016 from West Ship Island to Horn Island, Gulf Islands National Seashore, Mississippi: USGS Data Series 1081,

  • Edwards, J.H., Kluesner, J.W., Silver, E.A., and Bangs, N.L., 2018, Pleistocene vertical motions of the Costa Rican outer forearc from subducting topography and a migrating fracture zone triple junction: Geosphere, v. 14, p. 1–25,

  • Ellis, A.M., Smith, C.G., and Marot, M.E., 2018, The sedimentological characteristics and geochronology of the marshes of Dauphin Island, Alabama: Open-File Report Report 2017–1165,

  • Foster-Martinez, M.R., Lacy, J., Ferner, M.C., and Variano, E.A., 2018, Wave attenuation across a tidal marsh in San Francisco Bay: Coastal Engineering, v. 136, p. 26–40,

  • Geist, E.L., 2018, Effect of dynamical phase on the resonant interaction among tsunami edge wave modes: Pure and Applied Geophysics, v. 175, p. 1341–1354,

  • Hemery, L.G., Henkel, S.K., and Cochrane, G.R., 2018, Benthic assemblages of mega epifauna on the Oregon continental margin: Continental Shelf Research, v. 159, p. 24–32,

  • Jenkins, R.L., Dalyander, P.S., Penko, A., and Long, J.W., 2018, Laboratory observations of artificial sand and oil agglomerates: USGS Open-File Report 2018–1010,

  • Johnson, S.Y., Dartnell, P., Cochrane, G.R., Hartwell, S.R., Golden, N.E., Kvitek, R.G., and Davenport, C.W., 2018a, California State Waters Map Series—Offshore of Point Conception, California: USGS Open-File Report 2018–1024,

  • Johnson, S.Y., Dartnell, P., Cochrane, G.R., Hartwell, S.R., Golden, N.E., Kvitek, R.G., and Davenport, C.W., 2018b, California State Waters Map Series—Offshore of Gaviota, California: USGS Open-File Report 2018–1023,

  • Jorissen, F., Nardelli, M.P., Almogi-Labin, A., Barras, C., Bergamin, L., Bicchi, E., El Kateb, A., Ferraro, L., McGann, M., Morigi, C., Romano, E., Sabattini, A., Schweizer, M., and Spezzaferri, S., 2018, Developing Foram-AMBI for biomonitoring in the Mediterranean: Species assignments to ecological categories: Marine Micropaleontology, v. 140, p. 33–45,

  • Lashley, C.H., Roelvink, D., van Dongeren, A.R., Buckley, M.L., and Lowe, R.J., 2018, Nonhydrostatic and surfbeat model predictions of extreme wave run-up in fringing reef environments: Coastal Engineering, v. 137, p. 11–27,

  • Mickey, R., Long, J.W., Dalyander, P.S., Plant, N.G., and Thompson, D.M., 2018, A framework for modeling scenario-based barrier island storm impacts: Coastal Engineering, v. 138, p. 98–112,

  • O’Neill, A., Erikson, L., Barnard, P., Limber, P., Vitousek, S., Warrick, J., Foxgrover, A.C., and Lovering, J., 2018, Projected 21st century coastal flooding in the Southern California Bight. Part 1: Development of the third generation CoSMoS model: Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, v. 6, p. 1–31,

  • Plant, N.G., Smith, K.E.L., Passeri, D.L., Smith, C.G., and Bernier, J.C., 2018, Barrier-island and estuarine-wetland physical-change assessment after Hurricane Sandy: USGS Open-File Report 2017–1157, 45 p.,

  • Pomeroy, A., Lowe, R.J., Ghisalberti, M., Winter, G., Storlazzi, C.D., and Cuttler, M.V.W., 2018, Spatial variability of sediment transport processes over intra- and subtidal timescales within a fringing coral reef system: Journal of Geophysical Research F: Earth Surface,

  • Prouty, N.G., Yates, K.K., Smiley, N.A., Gallagher, C., Cheriton, O., and Storlazzi, C., 2018, Carbonate system parameters of an algal-dominated reef along west Maui: Biogeosciences, v. 15, p. 2467–2480,

  • Rabinovich, A.B., Fritz, H.M., Tanioka, Y., and Geist, E.L., 2018, Introduction to “Global tsunami science: Past and future, Volume III”: Pure and Applied Geophysics, v. 175, p. 1231–1237,

  • Scully, M., Trowbridge, J., Sherwood, C.R., Jones, K.R., and Traykovski, P.A., 2018, Direct measurements of mean Reynolds stress and ripple roughness in the presence of energetic forcing by surface waves: Journal of Geophysical Research C: Oceans, v. 123, p. 2494–2512,

  • Storlazzi, C., Gingerich, S.B., van Dongeren, A., Cheriton, O., Swarzenski, P.W., Quataert, E., Voss, C.I., Field, D.W., Annamalai, H., Piniak, G.A., and McCall, R.T., 2018, Most atolls will be uninhabitable by the mid-21st century because of sea-level rise exacerbating wave-driven flooding: Science Advances, v. 4, p. 1–9,

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