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List of recent USGS publications and data releases based on coastal and marine research.

Bernier, J.C., Douglas, S.H., Terrano, J.F., Barras, J.A., Plant, N.G., and Smith, C.G., 2015, Land-cover types, shoreline positions, and sand extents derived From Landsat satellite imagery, Assateague Island to Metompkin Island, Maryland and Virginia, 1984 to 2014: Data Series 968. []

Cochrane, G.R., Dartnell, P., Johnson, S.Y., Greene, H.G., Erdey, M.D., Dieter, B.E., Golden, N.E., Endris, C.A., Hartwell, S.R., Kvitek, R.G., Davenport, C.W., Watt, J.T., Krigsman, L.M., Ritchie, A.C., and others, 2015, California State Waters map series—Offshore of Scott Creek, California: Open-File Report 2015–1191. []

Doran, K.S., Howd, P.A., and Sallenger, J., Asbury H., 2015, Detecting sea-level hazards: Simple regression-based methods for calculating the acceleration of sea level: Open-File Report 2015–1187, 34 p. []

Enwright, N.M., Griffith, K.T., and Osland, M.J., 2015, Incorporating future change into current conservation planning: Evaluating tidal saline wetland migration along the U.S. Gulf of Mexico coast under alternative sea-level rise and urbanization scenarios: Data Series 969. []

Erikson, L.H., Hegermiller, C.A., Barnard, P.L., Ruggiero, P., and van Ormondt, M., 2015, Projected wave conditions in the Eastern North Pacific under the influence of two CMIP5 climate scenarios: Waves and coastal, regional and global processes, v. 96, Part 1, p. 171–185. []

Geist, E.L., 2016, Non-linear resonant coupling of tsunami edge waves using stochastic earthquake source models: Geophysical Journal International, v. 204, no. 2, p. 878–891. []

Giese, G.S., Williams, S.J., and Adams, M., 2015, Coastal landforms and processes at the Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts—A primer: Circular 1417, 94 p. []

Gutierrez, B., Plant, N.G., Thieler, E.R., and Turecek, A., 2015, Using a Bayesian network to predict barrier island geomorphologic characteristics: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 120, i. 12, p. 2452–2475. []

Guy, K.K., 2015, Back-island and open-ocean shorelines, and sand areas of the undeveloped areas of New Jersey barrier islands, March 9, 1991, to July 30, 2013: Data Series 960. []

Johnson, C., Swarzenski, P.W., Richardson, C.M., Smith, C.G., Kroeger, K.D., and Ganguli, P.M., 2015, Ground-truthing electrical resistivity methods in support of submarine groundwater discharge studies: Examples from Hawaii, Washington, and California: Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, v. 20, no. 1, p. 81–87. []

Kuffner, I.B., Yates, K.K., Zawada, D.G., Richey, J.N., Kellogg, C.A., and Toth, L.T., 2015, USGS research on Atlantic coral reef ecosystems: Fact Sheet 2015–3073, 2 p. []

Osland, M.J., Enwright, N.M., Day, R.H., Gabler, C.A., Stagg, C.L., and Grace, J.B., 2016, Beyond just sea-level rise: Considering macroclimatic drivers within coastal wetland vulnerability assessments to climate change: Global Change Biology, v. 22, no. 1, p. 1–11. []

Palmsten, M.L., Splinter, K.D., Plant, N.G., and Stockdon, H.F., 2014, Probabilistic estimation of dun retreate on the Gold Coast, Australia: Shore and Beach, v. 82, no. 4, p. 35–43.. []

Prouty, N.G., Swarzenski, P., Mienis, F., Duineveld, G., Demopoulos, A., Ross, S.W., and Brooke, S., 2016, Impact of Deepwater Horizon Spill on food supply to deep-sea benthos communities: Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, v. 169, p. 248–264. []

Rode, K.D., Wilson, R.R., Regehr, E.V., St. Martin, M., Douglas, D., and Olson, J., 2015, Increased land use by Chukchi Sea polar bears in relation to changing sea ice conditions: PLoS ONE, v. 10, no. 11. []

Rosencranz, J.A., Ganju, N.K., Ambrose, R.F., Brosnahan, S.M., Dickhudt, P.J., Guntenspergen, G.R., MacDonald, G.M., Takekawa, J.Y., and Thorne, K.M., 2015, Balanced Sediment Fluxes in Southern California’s Mediterranean-Climate Zone Salt Marshes: Estuaries and Coasts, p. 1–15.  []

Schwab, W.C., Baldwin, W.E., and Denny, J.F., 2016, Assessing the impact of Hurricanes Irene and Sandy on the morphology and modern sediment thickness on the inner continental shelf offshore of Fire Island, New York: Open-File Report 2015–1238, 26 p. []

Smith, J.E., Bentley, S.J., Snedden, G.A., and White, C., 2015, What Role do Hurricanes Play in Sediment Delivery to Subsiding River Deltas? Scientific Reports, v. 5, p. 17582. []

Stockdon, H.F., Thompson, D.M., Plant, N.G., and Long, J.W., 2014, Evaluation of wave runup predictions from numerical and parametric models: Coastal Engineering, v. 92, p. 1–11. []

Stoker, J.M., Brock, J.C., Soulard, C.E., Ries, K.G., Sugarbaker, L.J., Newton, W.E., Haggerty, P.K., Lee, K.E., and Young, J.A., 2016, USGS lidar science strategy—Mapping the technology to the science: Open-File Report 2015–1209, 39 p. []

Tess E. Busch, Flannery, J.A., Richey, J.N., and Stathakopoulos, A., 2015, The relationship between the ratio of strontium to calcium and sea-surface temperature in a modern Porites astreoides coral: Implications for using P. astreoides as a paleoclimate archive: Open-File Report 2015–1182, 15 p. []

Thorne, K.M., Buffington, K.J., Elliott-Fisk, D.L., and Takekawa, J.Y., 2015a, Tidal Marsh Susceptibility to Sea-Level Rise: Importance of Local-Scale Models: Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management, v. 6, no. 2, p. 290–304. []

Thorne, K.M., Dugger, B.D., Buffington, K.J., Freeman, C.M., Janousek, C.N., Powelson, K.W., Gutenspergen, G.R., and Takekawa, J.Y., 2015b, Marshes to mudflats—Effects of sea-level rise on tidal marshes along a latitudinal gradient in the Pacific Northwest: Open-File Report 2015–1204. []

Tinker, M.T., Hatfield, B.B., Harris, M.D., and Ames, J.A., 2016, Dramatic increase in sea otter mortality from white sharks in California: Marine Mammal Science, v. 32, no. 1, p. 309–326. []

Toth, L.T., Aronson, R.B., Cheng, H., and Edwards, R.L., 2015a, Holocene variability in the intensity of wind-gap upwelling in the tropical eastern Pacific: Paleoceanography, v. 30, no. 8, p. 1113–1131. []

Toth, L., Kuffner, I.B., Cheng, H., and Edwards, R.L., 2015b, A new record of the late Pleistocene coral Pocillopora palmata from the Dry Tortugas, Florida reef tract, USA: Palaios, v. 30, no. 12, p. 827–835. []

Valentine, P.C., and Gallea, L.B., 2015, Seabed maps showing topography, ruggedness, backscatter intensity, sediment mobility, and the distribution of geologic substrates in Quadrangle 6 of the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Region offshore of Boston, Massachusetts: Scientific Investigations Map 3341, 34 p. []

Walton, M.A.L., Gulick, S.P.S., Haeussler, P.J., Roland, E.C., and Trehu, A.M., 2015, Basement and regional structure along strike of the Queen Charlotte Fault in the context of modern and historical earthquake ruptures: Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, v. 105, no. 28, p. 1090–1105. []

Witter, R.C., Carver, G.A., Briggs, R., Gelfenbaum, G.R., Koehler, R.D., La selle Seanpaul M., Bender, A.M., Engelhart, S.E., Hemphill-Haley, E., and Hill, T.D., 2015, Unusually large tsunamis frequent a currently creeping part of the Aleutian megathrust: Geophysical Research Letters, v. 43, i. 1, p. 76–84. []

Woodroffe, C., Rogers, K., Mckee, K.L., Lovelock, C., Mendelssohn, I., and Saintilan, N., 2016, Mangrove sedimentation and response to relative sea-level rise: Annual Review of Marine Science, v. 8, p. 243–266. []

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