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List of recent USGS publications and data releases based on coastal and marine research.

  • Befus, K., Kroeger, K.D., Smith, C.G., and Swarzenski, P.W., 2017, The magnitude and origin of groundwater discharge to eastern U.S. and Gulf of Mexico coastal waters: Geophysical Research Letters, v. 44, p. 10396–10406. []

  • Brankovits, D., Pohlman, J., Niemann, H., Leigh, M.B., Leewis, M.C., Becker, K.W., Iliffe, T.M., Alvarez. F., Lehmann, M.F., and Phillips, B., 2017, Methane- and dissolved organic carbon-fueled microbial loop supports a tropical subterranean estuary ecosystem: Nature Communications, v. 8, p. 1–12. []

  • Brenner, O.T., Lentz, E., Hapke, C.J., Henderson, R., Wilson, K., and Nelson, T., 2018, Characterizing storm response and recovery using the beach change envelope—Fire Island, New York: Geomorphology, v. 300, p. 189–202. []

  • Conrad, T.A., Nielsen, S.G., Peucker-Ehrenbrink, B., Blusztajn, J., Winslow, D., Hein, J., and Paytan, A., 2017, Reconstructing the evolution of the submarine Monterey Canyon System from Os, Nd, and Pb isotopes in hydrogenetic Fe-Mn crusts: Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems. []

  • Demopoulos, A.W.J., Ross, S.W., Kellogg, C.A., Morrison, C.L., Nizinski, M.S., Prouty, N.G., Bourque, J.R., Galkiewicz, J.P., Gray, M.A., Springmann, M.J., Coykendall, D.K., Miller, A., Rhode, M., Quattrini, A., et al., 2017, Deepwater Program: Lophelia II, continuing ecological research on deep-sea corals and deep-reef habitats in the Gulf of Mexico: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2017–1139, 287 p. []

  • DeWitt, N.T., Stalk, C.A., Smith, C.G., Locker, S.D., Fredericks, J.J., McCloskey, T.A., and Wheaton, C.J., 2017, Single-beam bathymetry data collected in 2015 from Grand Bay, Alabama-Mississippi: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 1070. []

  • Ellis, A.M., Shaw, J., Osterman, L.E., and Smith, C.G., 2017, Distribution of foraminifera in Chincoteague Bay and the marshes of Assateague Island and the adjacent vicinity, Maryland and Virginia: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 1060. []

  • Ellis, A.M., and Smith, C.G., 2017, A seasonal and spatial comparison of metals, and stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes, in Chincoteague Bay and the marsh deposits of Assateague Island and the adjacent vicinity, Maryland and Virginia: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 1059. []

  • Fassbender, A.J., Palevsky, H.I., Martz, T.R., Ingalls, A.E., Gledhill, M., Fawcett, S.E., Brandes, J., Aluwihare, L., Anderson, R.M., Bender, S., Boyle, E., Bronk, D., Buesseler, K., Burdige, D.J., et al., 2017, Perspectives on chemical oceanography in the 21st century—Participants of the COME ABOARD Meeting examine aspects of the field in the context of 40 years of DISCO: Marine Chemistry, v. 196, p. 181–190. []

  • Frantz, E.R., Byrne, S., Michael L., Caldwell, A.W., and Harden, S.L., 2017, Monitoring storm tide and flooding from Hurricane Matthew along the Atlantic coast of the United States, October 2016: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2017–1122, 48 p. []

  • Gemery, L., Cronin, T.M., Poirier, R.K., Pearce, C., Barrientos, N., O’Regan, M., Johansson, C., Koshurnikov, A., and Jakobsson, M., 2017, Central Arctic Ocean paleoceanography from ∼50 ka to present, on the basis of ostracode faunal assemblages from the SWERUS 2014 expedition: Climate of the Past, v. 13, p. 1473–1489. []

  • Greene, J.A., Tominaga, M., Miller, N., Hutchinson, D., and Karl, M.R., 2017, Refining the formation and early evolution of the Eastern North American Margin—New insights from multiscale magnetic anomaly analyses: Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. []

  • Hein, J., Konstantinova, N., Mikesell, M., Mizell, K., Fitzsimmons, J.N., Lam, P., Jensen, L.T., Xiang, Y., Gartman, A., Cherkashov, G., Hutchinson, D., and Till, C.P., 2017, Arctic deep-water ferromanganese-oxide deposits reflect the unique characteristics of the Arctic Ocean: Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems. []

  • Hessing-Lewis, M., Rechsteiner, E.U., Hughes, B.B., Tinker, M.T., Monteith, Z.L., Olson, A.M., Henderson, M.M., and Watson, J.C., 2017, Ecosystem features determine seagrass community response to sea otter foraging: Marine Pollution Bulletin. []

  • Hu, K., Chen, Q., Wang, H., Hartig, E.K., and Orton, P.M., 2018, Numerical modeling of salt marsh morphological change induced by Hurricane Sandy: Coastal Engineering, v. 132, p. 63–81. []

  • Jennerjahn, T.C., Gilman, E., Krauss, K.W., Lacerda, L.D., Nordhaus, I., and Wolanski, E., 2017, Mangrove ecosystems under climate change, in Mangrove Ecosystems: A Global Biogeographic Perspective, Springer, p. 211–244. []

  • McGann, M., 2017, Selective transport of palynomorphs in marine turbiditic deposits—An example from the Ascension-Monterey Canyon system offshore central California: Quaternary International. []

  • Mckee, K.L., and Vervaeke, W., 2017, Will fluctuations in salt marsh–mangrove dominance alter vulnerability of a subtropical wetland to sea-level rise?: Global Change Biology. []

  • Middleton, B.A., 2017, Climate and land-use change in wetlands—A dedication: Ecosystem Health and Sustainability, v. 3, p. 1–2. []

  • Mosher, D.C., Campbell, D.C., Gardner, J.V., Piper, D.J.W., Chaytor, J., and Rebesco, M., 2017, The role of deep-water sedimentary processes in shaping a continental margin—The Northwest Atlantic: Marine Geology, v. 393, p. 245–259. []

  • Muhs, D., and Simmons, K.R., 2017, Taphonomic problems in reconstructing sea-level history from the late Quaternary marine terraces of Barbados: Quaternary Research, v. 88, p. 409–429. []

  • Odigie, K.O., and Warrick, J., 2017, Coherence between coastal and river flooding along the California coast: Journal of Coastal Research. []

  • Passeri, D., Long, J.W., Plant, N.G., Bilskie, M.V., and Hagen, S.C., 2018, The influence of bed friction variability due to land cover on storm-driven barrier island morphodynamics: Coastal Engineering, v. 132, p. 82–94. []

  • Prouty, N.G., Anne Cohen, Yates, K.K., Storlazzi, C., Swarzenski, P.W., and White, D., 2017, Vulnerability of coral reefs to bioerosion from land-based sources of pollution: Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans. []

  • Rubin, S.P., Miller, I.M., Foley, M.M., Berry, H.D., Duda, J.J., Hudson, B., Elder, N.E., Beirne, M.M., Warrick, J., McHenry, M.L., Stevens, A., Eidam, E., Ogston, A., Gelfenbaum, G.R., et al., 2017, Increased sediment load during a large-scale dam removal changes nearshore subtidal communities: PLoS ONE, v. 12, p. 1–46. []

  • Safak, I., List, J., Warner, J.C., and Schwab, W.C., 2017, Persistent shoreline shape induced from offshore geologic framework—Effects of shoreface connected ridges: Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans. []

  • Sayre, R., Wright, D.J., Breyer, S.P., Butler, K., Van Graafeiland, K., Costello, M.J., Harris, P.T., Goodin, K., Guinotte, J.M., Basher, Z., Kavanaugh, M.T., Halpin, P.N., Monaco, M.E., Cressie, N., et al., 2017, A three-dimensional mapping of the ocean based on environmental data: Oceanography, v. 30, p. 90–103. []

  • Storlazzi, C., van Ormondt, M., Chen, Y.-L., and Elias, E.P.L., 2017, Modeling fine-scale coral larval dispersal and interisland connectivity to help designate mutually-supporting coral reef marine protected areas—Insights from Maui Nui, Hawaii: Frontiers in Marine Science, v. 4, p. 1–14. []

  • Toomey, M., Korty, R.L., Donnelly, J.P., van Hengstum, P.J., and Curry, W.B., 2017, Increased hurricane frequency near Florida during Younger Dryas Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation slowdown: Geology, v. 45, p. 1047–1050. []


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