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Air pollution: Household soiling and consumer welfare losses

January 1, 1982

This paper uses demand and supply functions for cleanliness to estimate household benefits from reduced particulate matter soiling. A demand curve for household cleanliness is estimated, based upon the assumption that households prefer more cleanliness to less. Empirical coefficients, related to particulate pollution levels, for shifting the cleanliness supply curve, are taken from available studies. Consumer welfare gains, aggregated across 123 SMSAs, from achieving the Federal primary particulate standard, are estimated to range from $0.9 to $3.2 million per year (1971 dollars). ?? 1982.

Publication Year 1982
Title Air pollution: Household soiling and consumer welfare losses
Authors W.D. Watson, J.A. Jaksch
Publication Type Article
Publication Subtype Journal Article
Series Title Journal of Environmental Economics and Management
Index ID 70011911
Record Source USGS Publications Warehouse